Registration: ZK-SKH
Type: De Havilland Chipmunk
Classification: General Aviation Aircraft
Owner / Operator: The Old Stick and Rudder Company
Year of Manufacture:
Empty weight: 1563 lbs
Max AUW: 2100 lbs
Landing gear: Tail Wheel
Seats: Pilot plus one passenger in tandem seating
Controls: Dual control stick and rudder pedals
Construction: Factory built
Materials: Steel, aluminium and fabric control surfaces
Engine: Gipsy Major, 130 horsepower
Propeller: Fixed Pitch
Fuel Consumption: 7 gallons per hour
Endurance: 2 hours
Climb rate:
Take Off Distance: 450 metres (Maximum all up weight)
Landing Distance: 518 metres (Maximum all up weight)
Group Rating: 5 (Maximum all up weight)
Cruise speed: 85 to 90 knots at 2100 rpm
Stall speed: 35 kts (Full Flap)
VNE: 155 knots
Maximum crosswind: 10 knots